Winter Service

Making decisions about providing winter service is not always easy. Whether heavy snowfall, snow showers or freezing rain are in the forecast, people on the road always expect perfect driving conditions. Guaranteeing this in the cold season depends on taking the right actions in the fight against snow and ice. This should be proactive and preventive in nature, but also not unnecessary.

We help you set up the architecture of the networks you need to monitor your high risk sections of highway. Not all measurement points need to be outfitted with the same level of sensors. For example, wind information is not required everywhere. Alternative power supplies can be arranged for spots which are not on the power grid.

But one thing applies to all measurement points: the data collected is available in real time on display devices, be they smartphones or desktop computers. And whether you need a solution in the cloud or want the software installed at a data center, we focus on meeting your individual needs. We also offer data collection systems for rent in addition to outright purchase.

Our experienced team of winter service specialists will gladly assist you. Contact us today!

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Your Advantages

  • individual consulting, implementation and training
  • professional project and quality management
  • shorter turnaround
  • reduced operating costs
  • simple maintenance
  • wireless transmission to data center


Your personal contact persons

Olav Schröder & Simeon Neumann
Mail: info(at)
Phone:: +49 711 25 85 994-0


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