Would you like to manage all weather-related information, whether stationary or mobile, with a visualization tool? Would you like to have optimal control of your winter service based on the current circumstances? Would you like your control center to receive all current data from the gritting vehicles in real time for true teamwork between internal and external staff?


Patrols are carried out regularly; until now there has been a lack of consistent archiving. In future, all the data recorded by a vehicle with a mobile weather sensor will be clearly archived in Viewmondo. And displayed in real time. Both in the vehicles and in the control center. As a result winter services can be controlled proactively. Cold spots can no longer be overlooked. Real-time thermal mapping at all times, if you need more information than from stationary sources alone.


Would you like to act optimally according to your weather conditions? To spread not too much and not too little gritting material? We prepare a clear representation of the data and make a recommendation based on of the large volume of measurement data. If this recommendation does not meet with your approval, we alter the recommendation accordingly based on your wishes and requirements.


Do you want to integrate the data from Viewmondo into your central data collection system? We make it easy for you and provide the data in the exact format required by your subsequent application. This eliminates the need for complex interface adjustments.

  • Clear display of stationary and mobile measuring devices on a map or in a list
  • Plausibility checks and thereby verified readings and information about the sensors’ status
  • Runs on any browser
  • Password-protected access and restricted user profiles possible for high safety
  • Quite flexible system regarding the preferred measurement values
  • Measurement data analysis overview in clear diagrams
  • Various evaluations and reports in chosen periods, such as critical hours, minimum and maximum values possible
  • Integrated road de-icing recommendations of latest road condition reading according to BASt
  • Always up to date through cloud hosting