For over 25 years, our customers in the traffic sector trust on the opinion of the specialists at MICKS. So that you can gain an impression of where our experts are working all over the world, we have put together some projects for you.

Flughafen Frankfurt/Hahn

EV_TW_D_Airport Frankfurt Hahn_WS600-UMB_1

Services: Consulting, Project Management

The Airport Frankfurt/Hahn is one of the five largest cargo airports in Germany. Over 200,000 tonnes of cargo and 2.8 million passengers a year. To guarantee a safer aviation 365 days a year, precisely and safely weather observation systems are needed. The experts at MICKS resorted for this project, to monitor the take-off and landing runways of the airport, on the active and passive road sensors (IRS21-UMB, IRS31-UMB, ARS31-UMB) from Lufft. The sensors are used for precise determination of water film height, track temperature and the freezing point. MICKS responsibilities included here both the consulting, project and system planning and complete project implementation. The same applies to the German airports Dusseldorf and Paderborn.

Canton of Zurich

Kanton-Zuerich_ (2)

Project: Winter road maintance
Services: Consulting, Project Management

The wintry road network monitoring arises for many municipalities and cities as an increasingly challenge. Whether heavy snowfall, snow showers or freezing wetness: Road users always expect perfect driving conditions. The experts at MICKS support the Canton of Zurich in making the winter maintenance service efficient and the roads safer. This was done in 2004 by the construction of an early ice warning system with over 58 ice warning systems and the integration of a central system with 5 sub-centers for control. Five years later, an extension of the central system was carried out with the planning and construction of the traffic control system. In addition, since 3 years a so-called MDSS (Maintenance Decision Support System) with point-related road condition predictions by the data of ice warning systems is used. MICKS advised the Canton of Zurich and developed a custom solution that is now a network with many systems with automatic alerting and self-learning forecasts.

Bavarian Ministry of the Interior


Project: Traffic Control and Information
Services: Consulting, Project Management

On the road weather platform BayernInfo of the Traffic Information Agency Bavaria (VIB GmbH), weather information can be retrieved since the year 2009 around the clock of the Bavarian region. All traffic data collected by the road authorities of the Free State of Bavaria and other traffic-related information flow in the system of VIB. Also the weather and road condition data from over 300 road weather monitoring stations and ice warning systems that were installed along the Bavarian motorways. As well as all environmental data stations of traffic management systems. The portal brings together all kinds of transport and provides cutting-edge information about the traffic situation. Future expected traffic delays can be used for free by all citizens. The portal was built by a consortium of companies, which MICKS is on of them.


Competence at a glance - The map below shows you a cutout from road sensors installed by MICKS in Germany