Road and Pavement Sensors

Many years of experience in worldwide climate conditions around are critical to helping clients select the right precision measuring systems. The experts at MICKS rely on the road sensor technology from its German partner, Lufft. These include active and passive road sensors IRS31Pro and ARS31Pro and the non-contact road sensor NIRS31-UMB. Depending on the project and location, MICKS also uses battery-powered road sensors from the United States as well as high-resolution low-temperature sensors from French manufacturers.


Collecting Meteorological Environmental Data

To collect meteorological environmental data, the experts at MICKS place great emphasis on precision, accuracy and durability. We set up traffic control systems using sensors by Lufft, our German partner specializing in manufacturing measurement and control systems. Lufft’s all-in-one weather stations offer precise recording and analysis of environmental data. We also use RVR sensors, cloud altimeters, weather sensors, aviation weather solutions or weather systems for airports, lightning detectors and particulate sensors from well-established, certified suppliers from around the world.


Other Environmental Data Collection

Our experts use SmartSensors from Wavetronix to identify areas with particularly high traffic density. Current traffic conditions and road information can be accessed and controlled in real time. This US-based company specializes in manufacturing traffic sensors.