Engineer Karl E. Schedler founded MICKS in 1989. The company’s name is short for “micro-computer” plus the founder’s initials “KS.” As an expert in road weather information systems, the company first specialized in electronic management of processes for the industrial sector and ice warning systems for the road maintenance service.

In 1994, the Hessen state roads department hired MICKS to develop, install and configure ice warning systems and SWIS-subcenters with self-teaching forecasting in the Rüsselsheim traffic control center. As one of the first systems of its kind, the project was highly successful and eventually the system was installed by MICKS in many other parts of Germany. This was followed by a large international project with 200 ice warning systems and SWIS-subcenters for 80 municipal works centers in Hungary, Switzerland and Germany. More than 1,850 units were eventually installed for this project. The state of Bavaria hired MICKS to build its statewide traffic information agency (VIB). This provides current, multi-modal information to allow travelers to optimize their travel planning and itineraries.

The company moved more and more from pure development activities into active participation in projects, consequently expanding its core competencies. Today MICKS specializes in meteorological applications in the transport sector. We use the expertise gained through our many years of experience in development and implementation to provide consulting services for transport projects. We focus on winter services, airport conditions and traffic control and information. In addition, MICKS is involved in several research and development projects sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, BMWI and the European Commission.